I Knew What You Meant

Lately, I am either missing tomatoes or cucumbers for my salads. Whilst in midst of my dilemma, a friend of mine called to say hello and she informed me she had a bag of cucumbers for me. The deal was, I would stop by and pick them up.

Since it was nearly the end of “happy hour” at our new restaurant, we went there first. On the way back…

Friend: (handing me the bag) Here you go

Me: Thanks friend. I can’t wait to make my salad!

Friend: (looks closer at my face) Is that your stye again?

Me: Yes! But don’t worry, I’m going to go home and put (holding the bag of cucumbers) this on my eye!

Friend: You mean the Green Tea?

Me: Yes! Yes, I meant the Green Tea!

Friend: Don’t worry! I knew what you meant.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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