I! Just! Can’t!

Well, I found the one thing that irritates my eldest to no end. I actually thought it was the sound of my nostril breathing while chewing something in the 20 ft. radius of her presence but I was wrong. To be completely honest, the sound of my keyboard as I type is enough to infuriate her but this evening, I landed on a nerve that set her aflame.

Apparently the way I go about using my laptop is enough to enrage her. Tonight, I was trying to install the new MAC IOS bla bla, and I didn’t have enough free space. So, I had to go through my files and start deleting.

Unfortunately, she was right next to me as I clicked on multiple files in the hopes for a simple glide to the trash. When she saw that all 130 files became un-highlighted she just couldn’t take it. She grabbed my laptop and started pecking away at the keys muttering, “I just can’t with you! I’ll do it myself! Watching you is so painful, you know nothing! Nothing! You say you know how to use things and you don’t! You just don’t! UUUUggggghhhhh!

After what took over an hour to find every possible document, download and svg/png file, deleting them made only a minor impact on my disk space.

“You just don’t know how to use computers! You must have downloaded everything! You could have a virus! I can’t be around you! Ehhhh!”

Trying to keep her company, I started to delete from my Cricut files- for I could not take her ill-will much longer. With the final deletions, leaving honestly nothing on my computer- my laptop was finally ready to install the upgrade.

As for the verbal lashes, I truly had no idea how little she adored me until I leisurely was laying in my bed, trying to install something.

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