Teachable Moments

Everything is a teachable moment when your life expectancy has been drastically reduced. For instance, my daughter went to get the ketchup and I told her she must always remember to shake it and squeeze out the first part before applying.

My other child sat at the table and I reminded her to place her napkin on her lap and remember her please and thank yous.

Whilst doing laundry I noticed my child nearby and showed her how to use the fabric softener and reminded them both that delicates get hung up or hand washed. Nicer clothing goes inside out on cold wash.

I also once wrote how when driving past the front of our home seeing the newly trimmed ivy, one must always remember to manscape- carefully; it should look just like the house.

Today when I noticed the A&D jar out on the counter, I told both kids its important to use nipple cream if they breastfeed.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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