Makes Sense

I’ve had a handicap sticker ever since having my lung cancer metastasize to my bones. It’s in other various locations as well, but the lung and bones are the ones that will give me trouble. And I very rarely use the placard- as when I can manage, I will.

Today, hot and humid, I parked in the handicap spot. Now at this location of lots, there are numerous spots available for the decrepit and it certainly wasn’t like this was 1 spot in the sea of the lot. What you should know is when it’s hot out or hot and humid, breathing is immediately more difficult. So, I parked in the spot.

For those wondering, but you can walk around the market or bla bla…. yes, I can. I can walk. And like the geriatric using the motorized market baskets, they, too can walk once they put the wheelchair back. Sure, there are people in wheelchairs going with an aid some of the time- rarely, but some of the time- and again, there are numerous spots available for them to park as well. But today, walking in this heat from the spot to the entrance was more than enough for me.

Wouldn’t you know it, when I got done my shopping and started pushing my cart to the car, I saw every handicap person on the Main Line eying me.

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