Lately my new thing is to travel Facebook’s “people you may know” suggestions. For instance, much of the time I will just click on remove when I don’t know the people, but every once and again, I will click to see what’s what.

An example, I saw a handsome man with someone you wouldn’t expect. Naturally I had to see a closer look at the woman’s face so I clicked on both their pages and scrolled to see what the attraction could be. Often times, I am baffled. Now, I’m not saying that the woman can’t be oversized and single her whole life, I’m just saying that men I know are shallower than this suggested friend.

Sometimes I like to click through each of their friends’ pages to see if I could piece together more information about the original couple and then will read or see that they like Nascar or something and can move on- as if I’ve figured out why they’re together.

On other scrolls, I am often perplexed as to why they would choose the profile picture they did. When I see how unabashed some of these people are, I have to hop on their page and find out more. What makes them think that was the best photo to choose? Or I think, it’s just a profile pic, not a reality show ad.

When I see a perfectly planned photo or something a wedding photographer took, I think, what were they trying to say here? We’re Mr. and Mrs. Gorgeous? The reverse type of photo I would think, was that the best you could choose?

One time I read so deep into one person’s page because they put what looked like a mug shot as their picture, and found out a friend of a friend of theirs was in jail. Then I had to Google search Florida jail systems and came across an inmate list and their felon. That is how far I’ll go.

I suppose when one is out of friends, Facebook is doing the best they can with suggestions and often times, there is someone I’ve farted next to that I’m not yet friends with.

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