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The other day my eldest wanted to watch TV in my room. Since she’s typically locked in her “dark” room most of the day, I was thrilled. Recently, we’d gotten a smart TV and although I’ve had it for a little bit, I really don’t watch anything. Sure, when 90 Day Fiancé was on, I watched it on Sundays, but its just too much trouble to watch.

For example, I can’t just turn on the TV and see a show- instead, I see apps. In fact, I only see apps that are familiar to me because our children set up the TV for us – since we’re inept and too slow.

Just the other day, my daughter suggested watching Bridesmaids on the Peacock. However, in order to watch, I had to create an account. Annoyed by my daughter’s “fast scrolling” through letters to create an account, I demanded the remote to handle myself.

Unfortunately for me, the letters for our long name are all over the keypad and they are size 4 font. It took forever to first decipher if the letter was an a or an e, c even. I could not for the life of me make out the . size letters and obviously gave up.

So, unless one of my kids likes me enough to program our user/pwrd for every app we would ever want to watch, I simply keep the TV off. Gone are the days where one could just walk up to the knob and pull and twist.

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