OM, I Like Them

Recently, I’ve had some encounters with Buddhas. Everywhere I go, I see them and I’m drawn to them. I do not believe in them, I do not bow to them, nor do I pray to them. For me, they look nice in my home- in the (now) numerous spots I’ve placed them.

For weeks, I’ve been looking for artwork for my new bedroom. As I’ve said, the room is white and gray- and it’s yearning for something. And it’s not like I make dramatic or impulse buys…. as I’ve said, I’ve been looking.

Here’s the interaction between hubby and me, last night (aka: “His last Straw”)

Hubby: Did you purchase something for $253 in the Ukraine?

Me: Mmm hmm.

Hubby: Do you even think about the cost? Do you not know how to say no to yourself?

Me: We need artwork.

Hubby: (looks up purchase- after all, it was his PayPal) Another Buddha??

Me: This one is art.

Hubby: What’s wrong with you! You said the last time you’d stop buying them.

Me: I know…but this is different.

Hubby: We aren’t Buddhists. We don’t pray to them, they give no special powers, they aren’t helping you- stop buying them!

Me: (Silent)

Hubby: If you like them so much, “go work in a Buddha factory.”

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