How Hard Is It?

I redid the bedroom- it looks great. The walls are white, the lamps and pillows are white and the bed is gray. Life is cleaner, more modern and simple- in terms of describing my bedroom.

Making the bed is one of those simple tasks like learning to tie a shoe. Some people take longer to get the hang of it, but in the end, everybody with laces walks around the world in tight ones. Nobody would half ass tie a shoe, for the laces would immediately fall apart and you’d either trip or have to touch the filthy, disgusting lace the next time.

The man I am married to is capable of many tasks. He can build anything, tile anything, grout anything… he can write up a will or fundraise for a charity… In short, if it’s something he cares about, he will be great at it.

So it annoys me that when he attempts to make our bed, its as if he used his non-dominant hand, and ring finger only to pull up the covers and thumb and pinky to place the pillows.

His comment is always, I did the best I could…. when I’m pretty sure if he were asked to make the bed in exchange for a million dollars, he’d do a far better job!

…That’s all, just annoyed.

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