Get Yourself A Band-Aid

Before you judge me, I have a hard enough time filling my own pillbox. Sundays are just the most stressful days for me, for I have to refill my weekly pills and my child’s.

Now, I know you’re saying, Rochelle, how hard could it be? Well, it’s not that it is hard, it’s just that I am often too tired to fill her’s, after I’ve just filled my own.

This evening, my child came to me and asked…

Child: Do you want me to go down and cut my own pills in half?

Me: (thinking how horrible that sounded) …Naw, I’ll get up and do it.

Child: Okay…


Me: Let’s see here… if we cut this in half… and we need to split this dose between pm and am…. then…..hmmf.

Child: So I have to remember to take another half in the morning? Isn’t that silly, shouldn’t I just take it as is?

Me: Well… I don’t know. I mean, I guess we need to buy you another pillbox.

Child: So, that’s nice… now I’ll have two pillboxes to fill for my anxiety and depression? That’ll make me feel a whole lot better.

Me: Will that be a problem?

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