…But That’s Ok!

The other evening, while we were all asleep, hubby’s beloved (not me) started to convulse. Immediately I tried to wake him up… to say that he had to help… but he wouldn’t. Now, I know what he was thinking…. Rochelle is fineshe’ll get whatever she needs for her ailments…. (in other words, he thought I was waking him up to take care of me.)… I’m tired.

However, when I said, “wake up, wake up! Barbi is having a seizure,” he jumped up and started to try to calm her down.

When Barbi was finally awake, he realized she had had an accident and took her downstairs to get water and a bath.

All the sudden, my room stunk like a fish market- the most vile stench I’d ever smelled. It was all just too much for me– frenetic dog, middle of the night sissy accidents… but none of this phased hubby.

And then it hit me, I wake up with writhing leg pain or back pain…. not a stir from hubby. If I try to wake him he says, “take advil.” No rubbing of the anything, just continued snores. Plus, gd-forbid I pass gas, he’d lose his shit- but fish smell is ok?

Guess who’s not this man’s best friend?

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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