Unheard Of

The words of the great, Dr. K as he looked from me to my mother – in shock that I would not let him inform me of the detailed procedure.

Dr. K: Louise tells me you don’t know anything about today’s procedure- do you have any questions?

Me: Nope.

Dr. K.: You have no questions? Every patient has to be informed before they go into a procedure- know the risks…

Me: Heard them. Don’t puncture pleae.

Dr. K.(looks at my mother) I’ve never had a patient before who wouldn’t let me tell them anything- how can you go into a procedure without knowing the details??

Me: (looking at my mother) You can tell her; I don’t care. Has to be done so….where do I sign?

Mother: Rochelle doesn’t like to know everything- she’s very fragile…. (or something to that effect)

Me: Why do I need to know the risks- is my alternative better? I’m already sick so doesn’t matter to me.

Dr. K: Well, I need to go over the basics before you can sign this: you are here today to get a lung biopsy and there is risk. Sign there.

Me: (signed) Thanks.

Dr. K: Clearly I didn’t understand the social dynamic…. I will just go out of ear range to talk to your mother…. (laughs in disbelief and walks away mutting….) I’ve never had a patient who didn’t want to know what I was going to do… it’s unheard of.

Mother: That’s Rochelle.

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