The Only Thing I Care About Is Eating

The biggest concern yesterday (and then I am done) was when and what I wanted to eat post op. Afterall, I had to stop eating at midnight (stopped at 7:40) and I wouldn’t be done before 6ish pm.

Naturally, I got onto Door Dash and placed a bagel and lox platter order to be delivered sometime before I was done. The notes to the driver were to go to the main area of the hospital and my mother would be waiting out front.

I called the diner to inquire first if I could substitute cream cheese for whitefish salad- to which they said, “don’t have,” and hung up.

It was only when I went to ask the white haired secretary if there was a better place for a delivery, I knew I wasn’t in Kansas.

Me: Is there a better entrance to have a delivery?

Sec.: A delivery? What kind of delivery?

Me: If I wanted to have something delivered…. like a sweater from my SIL?

Sec.: Just the front entrance.

….So, since it seemed nobody else Door Dashes to recovery, somehow my meal got canceled while I was under. Which was fine… afterall, knowing me I would have swallowed a bone and then my lung would be punctured.

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