So, the area I was in was more equivalent to a Howard Johnson’s- so I was clearly happier. The staff was nicer and I even sat one cheek with my mom on a chai as oppose to standing. While I was not taken back on time- I dealt with the hunger pains. Lastly, I was very excited for a nice nap.

Enter Nurse Louise….

Louise: Rochelle? Rochelle, Rochelle?

Me: That’s me!

Louise: And who is this lovely lady with you?

Mother: I am her mother; I gave birth to her. I brought her into this world and I am not letting her go.

Louise: Well, neither am I! Rochelle, you’re going to be fine…

Me: Who is the doctor?

Louise: (startled/shocked) You didn’t look up the doctor? Who doesn’t research and get all the information on the doctor? I would never have a procedure without knowing all the information and being well informed.

Me: I know nothing.

Louise: (proceeds to tell me how great he would be) ….

Me: Do you know how long I will be? I am having a delivery at 5:15 pm (bagles and lox from T. Diner)

Louise: Oh, two and a half, three hours at least.

Me: What? Why?

Louise: Well, the doctor is doing a very invasive procedure and has to be sure he can get what he needs. Now, he may not be able to get all he can get or is supposed to get- it depends on where it is located and how well you tolerate it. And there is the chance he could puncture your lung- which is why we do a chest ex-ray to make sure. After all that, then you will be able to have something to drink. That will be about an hour or so after recovery. But don’t worry- he is wonderful and you will be fine. But you have to know all the risks ahead of time. I just want you to be informed and you should know everything that is happening to you- the patient- your body. You have to be able to make informed decisions.

Me: (staring at my mother) That’s why she’s here.

Mother: (looking at the fear in my eyes) (wearing masks, duh) Rochelle doesn’t like to know anything; can I come back too?

….In the end, they allowed my mother to come back with me- since Louise saw that I was clearly special needs.

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