High Hopes

So, the first time I got a lung biopsy- when this whole scenario started, I was 99% sure it was nothing and praying for Covid. And I remember others around me saying, “oh you don’t want Covid,” to which I replied, “The F I don’t!”

Well, no Covid so voila. But I had that hope… that foolish, naive hope.

Yesterday, prior to going into the procedure- which is all to enter a trial I was told only hours before- that I did not qualify for, hubby said, “maybe it’s dead cancer?”

You see, I am progressing in my cancer (although now thee’s debate on which hospital’s machine is best to detect) but not sick enough for the trial. Well, according to two doctors- Penn and Georgetown, I would most definitely qualify and need to get into the trial months ago…. but this facility- still vile in sections, isn’t so sure.

So… hubby thinks this is good news and told me himself, “….and maybe it’s dead tissue.”

Afterall, the doctor said the word, “haze,” and the prior doctor said, “schmutz,” so maybe it went away.

Imagine my surprise when Dr. K. came to check on me (shoulders sagging, face limp) and I asked, “is it cancer?” and he replied, “yes.”

Needless to say, asshole hubby for getting my hopes up.

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