But I Should Cover My Breasts/Ass?

One of the physicians who was part of the team yesterday, came to me to explain his part in the biopsy and wanted me to sign something acknowledging his sentiments.

Now, one: I paid no more attention to what he had to say- simply because I didn’t care and two: I was more concerned for the catcher’s mitt protruding from his genital area.

Sure, it’s possible I was seeing things, afterall, it’s not everyday the reptile exhibit is stuffed under one’s pants…. but I wasn’t.

In fact, it held my attention for far too long, that the nurse asking me whether or not I was allergic to anything, I said… “that.”

Unsure of what I said, she turned around, and I tried to mouth….his penis (wearing a mask) and instantly she nodded. “Yep, we’ve all seen it.”

I had that discussion with the rest of “my team,” (all men) and asked, “where’s your catcher’s mitt?” to which they all laughed and each replied, “we think it could be a hernia or elephantiasis.”

Anyhow, men should also have to wear a bra on their junk.

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