On a scale of 1-10, ten being the worst, today was a 20. For starters, I drove my toddler brain to what should have been a “routine” appointment at a new hospital- alone.

I should have known when I was sitting in what would later be known as, the bait. It was a pretty lobby, people looked relatively healthy and the conversation was jovial. Anyway, I should have known my day would go south when the nurse told me I was in the wrong lab. I needed to go to the protocol lab, near “the fire pit.”

Once past the fire pit- an actual fire, a nurse saw me aimlessly walking and asked if I was Rochelle. After being weighed (backwards) I was taken to what I call, the switch. I was taken to a small room with a curtain, that separated me (barely) from a woman getting chemo. Already, I was in the wrong, fucking place.

It was filthy, the nurses were in and out of the room- loud and obnoxious, the people were everywhere- in wheel chairs, shmooshed all over the place, sick, dying, sick. And, to make matters worse (these actually did make them worse), they wanted me to give them a “sample.” …You know, to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. Again, nothing says, more kids than aggressive cancer.

However, when I got to the vile bathroom, I saw someone else’s sissy in some container dangling from the toilet… and for a second, I thought, should i???? Thankfully, my adult brain kicked in and I walked out and said,


Sensing my dismay, the nurse gave me a reprieve and took me back for the next test: EKG. While sitting there, I could only imagine my heart rate and how it would just work against me for getting into this trial. In the meantime, a liason came down to meet me and I told her my thoughts on the filth and disgust surrounding me.

Moments later on a quick, “HELP, I HATE IT HERE” call to hubby, he reminded me I am not moving in, nor am I writing a review for accommodations- so it was time to move on.

After the EKG, the nurse informed me she cleaned the bathroom (she did) and I proved my abstinence.

When all was done in that shithole, it was on to more drearier locations…. but that is for another post.

Yep, that’s a lot of viles.

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