The Call

Again, not sure why the camp or the hospital calls go directly to voicemail, but it did! Thankfully I had hubby’s cell when the dr. called to report on today’s findings.

In short, I needed to have the following things in order to get on the ONE drug they believe will help me.

  1. I needed to show measurable growth. That means, the cancer has to be increasing in size. Once a thing I never wanted, now it is all I can think about if I want to get better.
  2. I also need to have a tissue biopsy (from the lung tissue- cancer cells) CONFIRM that I have the Ros-1 mutation. *Note, never has Ros-1 been able to be confirmed on tissue samples. It has been shown twice on blood samples, but that is not what they want.
  3. No Brain Mets (no brain tumors)
  4. Normal size heart
  5. Overall healthy…for a dying person.

Without #1, they do not care about 2-5. Without 2, they don’t care about 1,3,4,5.

Well, this evening, they said I do not have #1- however, they will still perform the lung biopsy in case they are either wrong about #1 OR my first doctor was right- in the thought that I am indeed getting worse.

So, today is a 20.

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