Diagnostic Imagining

Another disgusting place, fraught with death and doom. In all my life, I have never been in such a horrific place- and they are the leading cancer center???? Certainly not by my standards- and you’re probably saying, “Rochelle, what matters is the doctors and medicine…” to which I would reply, “NO THANK YOU.”

In any case, when I got to DI, they asked me where I had been- as if. Then they asked if I had my “contrast.” Apparently, THAT hospital does both liquid and dye- so that meant that I had to sit there FOR ANOTHER FUCKING HOUR.

To pass my time? Well, I decided to finally watch something recommended on Netflix and let’s just say, when the nurse finally came to get me, I asked her to wait a minute.

Anyway, I went in their 1970 time capsule they call a CT Scan Machine and it turns out, I don’t qualify FOR ANY FUCKING MEDICINE… at that place.


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