Not At This Time

Today, while lounging in the pool with my mother, she asked if I had canceled chemo.

Mother: Did you remember to cancel Dr. X?

Me: (leaving pool) Oh, I forgot…

Mother: Where are you going?

Me: To call them now…


Me: (on phone) Hi, this is Rochelle Rochelle. I called to cancel my appointment tomorrow.

Office: Ok, would you like to reschedule?

Me: No- I decided to not have chemo.

Mother: At this time

Office: Ok, thank you.


Mother: I am cancelling chemo at this time is what you should have said.

Me: What?? I am going to do the trial.

Mother: Yes, but what happens if it doesn’t work?

Me: WTF, why wouldn’t it work???

Mother: Well if it doesn’t, then you will have to do chemo.

Me: OMG, and you want me to think positively????

Mother: It will work.

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