Wrong Jew

While my son is away at camp, I find myself having to remember to look for photos or check for letters. Daily I will look at the camp app or stroll to the mailbox- only to have nothing.

Next, I will scroll through the photos of campers- hoping to find another child around his age, that may lead me to my son. Sometimes I can see his sneakers and other times I wonder if he goes to a different camp.

So imagine my surprise when I received this:

Now, I figured it was a faux pas, until I received another email a few days later, with a few different children. Was he trying to tell me I picked the wrong camp? Why was he sending me photos of children?? But what concerned me the most, was what he wrote. “David is a good soccer player and doing great.”

Needless to say, I am seeing more photos and getting more communication from a camp I had only inquired about years ago- and not one bit of insight on how my own kid is doing at his camp. Either the camp we attend needs to step up their communication game or David will be going to uncle Jeff’s camp next summer.

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