Flip Your Lid

Today was not the best day for me at the eye surgeon. For starters, one of my medications may have given me a different side effect vs. took my pain away.

It began perfectly fine- my friend came with me so I wouldn’t be scared, and the moment I sat in the chair and was asked to read the letters, I knew something was wrong. It would be around the time my medicine would begin working- if at all. Making the connection and knowing my friend was in the chair behind me was too much for me to take and immediately I asked her to wait in the lobby. I would have to have a word with the doctors finding another alternative, but for now, I was stuck trying to remain coherent.

Surprisingly, I was able to withstand my chin on some chin rest, and a blue circle coming towards me- and then back to mental fog. Moments later, the doctor came in- a Dr. Steinowitz- whom I believe was alerted to my dilemma.

Dr.: So what kind of cancer do you have?

Me: Ros 1- I have Lung Cancer.

Dr.: I am sorry to hear this. And how long ago did you get your stye?

Me: I think two weeks but it isn’t really going down.

Dr.: Well, I would do a procedure where I clamp your eyelid…

Me: What! How! What for?

Dr.: So your skin and your lid don’t get irritated. Then, I would flip your lid

…It was then that I knew I had to get out of there fast- and the way he said, “flip your lid,” just sounded evil to me.

Me: Flip my lid?? No thanks- what’s my other option?

Dr.: I do five a day; you don’t like when I say flip your lid?

Me: (there it was again) No, I don’t; I am ready to go, I’ll just take the pills.

Now, in hindsight, had he said, “it’s not going to hurt, you won’t know it because it will numb,” bla bla bla… then fine.

Needless to say, lesson learned.

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