Senile Moment

I always make sure to take off all of my jewelry prior to going to a machine appointment. So today, when I failed to remember to take off my brasier, there was a little bit of panic.

Nurse: Name and DOB

Me: Rochelle Rochelle…. 1/1/90

Nurse: OK, arms up and don’t move.

Me: (Yes, she says that) OK.

So, she goes back to the command room and I am now being put back into the machine. And as I am listening to the 80s station that they forgot to change for me, I remembered something.


Nurse: That’s OK Rochelle.

But the fear…. the fear that resonated in my very decaying body, was just wonderful at 8:50 am.

Needless to say, I shall not wear one tomorrow.

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mom of 3
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