Russian Roulette

I just want to break it down for you who may be like, “yea, do the targeted therapy” or…. “yeah, do the chemo- you have the plan already,”…..

If I don’t do the chemo now and I do the pill… if that doesn’t work- the cancer spreads (and it spreads overnight) then I am shit out of luck.

If I take the chemo plan and think that this will “knock out” the cancer…. but it doesn’t as I was told it wouldn’t be effective on my cancer- then the cancer grows.

So…. while yes, it sounds like an easy choice in the passenger seat- let’s all remember that I am only 48 years old- I went from mentally being 25 to 84 in the past year- and I am afraid of dying.

*But, life is also a crapshoot so I am taking my chances- putting my cancerous eggs into a doctor who is leaving the field.

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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