I Just Want To Focus On The Cancer!

I don’t know where to begin? Let’s see… the stye I had recently…that never went away, is now the size of an inflated tic- yet it won’t “pop.” Therefore, I cannot concentrate on the important matters such as: my cancer.

For example, the other day I began radiation and I cannot just dre on the fact that I have a routine! I go into my ward and find my locker. Then I get on my robe and walk to the room that has this massive spaceship looking machine and hop into position. That’s it. That is neat to me and I have no time to be smug because of this life altering stye.

And what gets rid of the stye? Not the hot tap water one would believe- nope. I have to use a sock with rice and heat that for up to 2 minutes then essentially burn my eyelid. When that fails, its lance time- yes, lance.

Add to that that for the past two nights I haven’t had bedroom lights and now we have an active flood, I simply cannot get a break.

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mom of 3
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