Today was busy, busy, busy. So, after a long day in the sun/heat, I was ready for a relaxing evening. In fact, after I showered, I got into bed, asked Alexa to put on some jazz and started to read. I should note that I made the choice to only turn on the two lamps in my room- for I did not need the “high hats.”

Enter my middle child who asked me if I wanted to watch TV. Now, how could I say no- typically she hangs in her own room- so I said, “put on what you want.”

Next, came hubby who immediately decided to flip the switch to turn on the lights above. Annoyed, especially since the room was lit enough, I said, “turn them off!”

When he went into the bathroom, my daughter said, “you better be nice to daddy, it’s grandma Shari’s birthday.”

Startled, I said, “it is? Wait, today? Did he say?” To which she replied, “yes.”

After the smudging instance, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little unnerved that I found out today was my mother in law’s birthday- for at the dinner table, I may have called hubby a nasty word.

Anyhow, he comes out of the bathroom, goes to shut the lights- and they won’t go off. He goes from switch to switch- and no combination will turn them off.

Knowing what I know from the LI Medium, that the dead like to f with the electricity, I put two and two together, and start to panic. “Happy birthday Shari- I didn’t know it was today… “

Meanwhile, my kid in the bed is hysterical laughing at her psychotic mother when hubby decides to go try the breakers. While down there, he finally gets the lights in our room to go off…. and miraculously they come on AND WON’T TURN BACK OFF.

Now, my kid in the bed starts to urinate from excessive laughter, I am now trying to find the sage while asking for my other child to come in and say happy birthday to grandma- and I am the antithesis of relaxed.

Needless to say, hubby had to remove every light bulb so we can sleep… only, who can sleep?!

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mom of 3
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