This evening I went to pick up dinner at our local restaurant- the same restaurant that I accidentally called a month prior…but went to the sister restaurant 25 minutes away. Anyhow, when I got there, this is what happened…

Me: Hi, I am here for Richy.

Lady: (Looking) Hmm… what’s the name?

Me: Richy.

Lady: (Looking again) What’s the name?

Me: Richy.

Lady: I’m sorry there’s no order for anyone with that name.

Me: (Now I knew I called the right place) Can you look it up by the phone number?

Lady: No, there’s no way to do that.

Me: Can I tell you what we ordered then and you look??

Lady: Yeah, go ahead.

Me: Two baguettes….

Lady: (Reads the name) Oh, here it is, it’s under Richard.


Lady: Nope.

Me: Richy is short for Richard!!

Lady: Well I didn’t know they were the same name!

…You would all be very glad to know that I didn’t spaz out and call her a nickname.

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