Before I begin, let’s all agree: I did this. I made my children picky. And, in doing so, they’ve become entitled. The damage is done and good luck to their future partners.

Last night my daughter called me from the car to ask if I would make her baked ziti for dinner. Naturally, I said, “sure,” since I already had noodles cooked in the refrigerator. *You should also note that she does not like anything “leftover.”

Kid: Mom, can you make baked ziti?

Me: Sure!

Kid: …Wait, do we already have noodles?

Me: Yes, they’re already in the fridge.

Kid: Nevermind then.

Me: I mean, no…. there are no noodles in the fridge.

Kid: …Well… could you make penne or anything other than ziti for the baked ziti?

Me: (This b is onto me)… Sure.

Anyhow, thankfully the noodles that were already cooked were of a different shape and I began to cook.

Noticing just a small amount of Rao’s, I added another opened jar by the brand, “Not Rao’s.” I figured, someone in the house must be eating that brand and it shouldn’t be an issue. Well… I wasn’t sure if it would be. Fine, I knew.

Enter child….

Kid: Are those my noodles?

Me: Yes.

Kid: Did you use Rao’s?

Me: (Fuck) Yes.

Kid: Then what’s the green stuff?

Me: I don’t know.

Kid: Rao’s doesn’t have green stuff.

Me: It’s Rao’s.

Kid: Mom, that’s NOT Rao’s.

Me: It is- you can check the trash- it’s rinsed in there.

Kid: That is not Rao’s, that is the other stuff.

Kid 2: No, I saw mom use Rao’s.

Father: What is going on?

Kid: Mom made the wrong noodles- it’s not Rao’s and she says it is.

Father: Who cares what sauce, they’re all the same.

Kid: No they’re not! I won’t eat those!

Father: Go to your room!

Kid: Taste them yourself! You’ll see they aren’t Rao’s!

Father: Don’t argue with your mother! She said they were!

….So, the kid goes to her room- upset, the other child tried to reassure me that she knew all along it was indeed Rao’s since she saw me use the jar and hubby went on a rant about the sauce and her accusing me of lying.

About an hour later, I went to see the pissed off child in her room to confess that I had indeed mixed the two sauces. I then confessed to using the old noodles.

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