Are You Okay?!

I’ve been told on my medication, that I could have certain side effects- one of which is nastiness. Since I am familiar with this sort of adjective prior to medication, I wasn’t too concerned for anyone in my path.

I’ve also been told since having brain radiation, that I may be short tempered at times. Again, not much of a concern to me- who’s middle name is The Pitbull.

Today, while trying to pick my daughter up from work, I exhibited both of those side effects- all because I became confused. You see, there were numerous cars blocking the passing lane- and for a few minutes I sat in a line. After a few minutes of that, I decided to pull into the handicap spot, and go through the handicap doors to wait for my child.

Unfortunately for the people in the office, nobody answered the bell. In fact, people saw me and continued to walk away- no derech eretz, and no getting a security guard to let me in.

Infuriated by this point- as I had now been standing in the pouring rain for several minutes, I get into my vehicle and make my own lane to enter and park.

Now, it is just my opinion, that if one’s job is to man the desk- they stay at the GD desk- or at least, stand in between the two areas of need, should someone with sand racing through their hourglass be ringing.

In the meantime, I went around the building to the healthy people entrance. Forgetting that I had just wanted to sit in the lobby and wait for my child- I began a frantic look for someone in charge to discuss the unmanned door situation.

In the end, I said what I said- found my daughter and it was her sweet and calm face that reminded me- she had 15 more minutes of work. …After I yelled at her to keep her cell phone on after 1pm so that I could reach her.

Embarrassed, I walked back out in the rain- when a woman yelled behind me, “are you okay?!”

To which my daughter later told me, “that’s my mom- she’s just crazy.”

PS: No bitch, I’m not okay! I’m fucking tired, wet and cold- and nobody besides me knows how to do their effing job: JUST MAN THE DESK!

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