Are You For Real?

Today I went to the local market that now sells spirits, with my children. I was actually going to just get a few items when I decided to see if they happened to sell the White Claw or High Noon beverages. Although I couldn’t find exactly the right brand, I did find another just as promising.

At the checkout the lady asked me for my license; I suppose my eyes look young (I was wearing a mask).

Lady: Can I see your ID?

Me: (coy laugh) Well you made my day!

Lady: Your license has expired.

Me: What? When?

Lady: Says, 02/2021

Me: And you can’t sell it because of that?

Lady: Yep.

Me: But its still me and I am still the same age.

Lady: It’s the rules.

…So here I am, awaiting a medical marijuana license that I could purchase online (no IDs required), planning to have radiation and chemo…. and I can’t get a fucking 5% alcohol beverage to ease my sorrows? What in the effing, hell is that?!

Ps: I found the current license in my other purse… the one I switched out today before going to the market. However, I refuse to drive my aching, used car of a body back there to retrieve the cans because I have too much pride. …Or, I’m not in the mood anymore. The lady ruined my wish to drink at 11:30 a.m.

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