Toot Toot Yah, Beep Beep

My grandfather’s lady friend used to stand and fart. Apparently, with MUCH age, one does that sort of thing.


On my medication, there are wonderful side effects. Again, I am on a TKI- my second, and both cause weight gain amongst other things. I am the only fat cancer person… again. Any who, as of late, I’ve had something called, ED. This means, farting is a thing of the past- unless I can be absolutely certain it won’t get ugly.

This evening, I am displaced. We’re having our boudoir painted and there is no place for me to lay. At first, I chose my eldest’s room since it’s closest to my bedroom. However, she does not want to be with me because she is 14.

As I was getting up to leave, I told her I was leaving behind my mug and spoon… and accidentally farted my way out of her room and into my son’s.

Hearing my eldest scream at me, my baby told me I was also not allowed in his room and should “get out now!”

Leaving me one last room, my middle child’s – who btw, hates me and my family, I am now trying to convince my son that I will not shit the bed.

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