My son loves CPK and since we were near it, I thought we should order and pick it up. What you should know is… I can no longer multi-task- this includes talking on the phone and supporting a side convo; I have a bit of a memory loss sit.

** ——- = someone in the car was talking at the same time and I cannot hear.

Me: Hey Siri, call CPK….

CPK: (automated) You are calling the ————– CPK, if this is the one you wanted to call, press or say 1 for the same order.

Daughter: Just press 2

Me: Damn it! Now it didn’t hear me.

CPK: (automated) I’m sorry… Press 1 for the same order or 2 for a new order.

Me: (hangs up) Nevermind! It’s too complicated. You cannot talk to me when it’s talking!

Daughter: You don’t want the same order.

Son: Ohhh, we’re so close.

Me: Fine, but nobody talk!

CPK: (automated) You are calling the ————– CPK, if this is the one you wanted to call, press 1 for the same order.

Daughter: Just press 2

CPK: Hello this is Tameka speaking, you’re calling the ———- CPK, how may I help you?

So, we drive over to the CPK that is 2 miles from where I ordered the food…..

Hubby: What number did you call?

Me: What do you mean?

Hubby: There is no order for Rochelle Rochelle

Me: (to daughter) Didn’t you hear when I called which one it was?

Hubby: You called the other CPK!

Me: Did I? Daughter, didn’t you call?

Daughter: No, you did

Me: Are you sure? Didn’t you get me the number?

Hubby: Now you’re going to blame her? How about blaming that bird over there?!

Me: I couldn’t hear which one I was calling, I asked Siri for the number. Why would they give me the number to a place further away if we were a mile away?

Hubby: So now you’ll blame Siri? You would kill me if I did this.

Son: It’s fine, I’ll starve.

Hubby: No, we’ll just drive over there- the food will be good and cold by the time we arrive.

Me: Go there? Let’s just go home and have it delivered.

Hubby: NO…. we will drive there and get it.

Me: (now driving down the 4 floors of ramp to get out of the mall lot since I was flustered)

Son: Where are we going?

Daughter: Mom’s lost

Hubby: What is happening to you??

Me: I must have made a mistake.

So… in the end, my son got his cold noodles, my spouse got his dogshit on a pizza and I got to drive another 30 minutes to the other CPK.

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