Main Entrance

Today, my mother decided we should enter the hospital at the main entrance- to her, it was closest to the cancer center.

What you should know, is we parked right at the entrance to the lot… maybe 30 steps from the main doors.

Mother: Go this way

Me: Why don’t we go that way?

Mother: There’s an elevator- it takes you right there

Hubby: Oh, I didn’t know that….

(near elevators)

Hubby: Why wouldn’t you just take the stairs?

Me: I’m fine taking them

Mother: Why would you take them when you can take the elevator right there?

Hubby: (climbing the stairs) I don’t understand why you don’t just take the stairs

(elevator comes)

Mother: Get in

(get out)

Me: Where are we?

Mother: Well this isn’t right

Me: We’re in the basement?!

Hubby: (yelling down) Where are you? What’s taking you so long?

Mother: Come on, we’ll take the stairs

Me: Up two flights?

Hubby: (yelling down) Are you climbing backwards?

Mother: Yes, you bike… let’s go

Me: Well now, I need the elevator

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