Tomorrow is the big day; the day I have to endure my first alert MRI. The last time I was there, it was pure sedation. I had no idea whether I was coming or going, awake or asleep. That was the best… being so knocked out that I had no fears. Not tomorrow… no sir. Tomorrow I will have but a small tablet to help squelch the anxiety.

That’s right! My doctors think that a mere Ativan will calm me down so that 60 minutes in the MRI won’t be no thang. But allow me to remind you- I gave birth without an epidural, had my ass drilled with a local and was given a street drug that was supposed to blur my mind… rather, it had me entertaining the IR DR.

Well, I’m a little tired from the few sips of Rose I just had so… too tired to worry about it now.

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mom of 3
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