In This Day and Age

Today I had to go to the local market for cayenne pepper. My mother made a new recipe that my eldest liked, and so now I will need to waste spice space because of it. Anyway, as I was leaving my home, I turned the opposite way than I would if I were to go to my home store. Instead, I went to what I refer to as the non-Jewish store.

But let me explain… For years I’ve grown up in this general area… for years my family has needed to shop for food. However, the non-Jewish market, which is closer than the one we have to go to, doesn’t carry kosher foods. On occasion, they may have a few stashed in a non-descript section of the refridgerator… but that is really on occassion… as in, 1/20 times, they may have an older package of Empire chicken on the bone.

Now, I grew up at a time when realtors would steer the Jews to two areas of our town, but it is 2021… and if you’ve noticed, every market carries sugar free, gluten free, vegetarian, International and even vegan foods…. but kosher is nowhere to be found?

I suppose if we’re going to cater to the needs of some, we may need to include others.

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