Shoe Horns

Today, my son’s new sneakers arrived; one pair came via Fed Ex and the other, Amazon. We were both so excited as he really just gets one pair a year… if his feet grow. Until recently, his feet have remained the same size for the past two years. (*Please note, the child has worn pajamas and gone barefoot for 1.6 of those years.)

Anyhow, after I opened up the first box and laced them, he started to put them on when I suggested a shoe horn.

Me: Wait! Let me get you a shoe horn- then you can get your heel in faster.

Son: A shoe horn? A shoe horn? Who uses a shoe horn? Oh, oh, oh…if I were at camp and needed to get my sneaker on in the middle of a field, will I just whip out my shoe horn? Should I just always carry a shoe horn so when friends need to get their sneakers on, I’ll just say, “wait! I have a shoe horn, let me help?!”

So, I let the asshole struggle.

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