I Can’t See Clearly Now

I had just gotten into the car with my children, when I put on my new sunglasses. I started to say how wonderful it was to be able to see clearly through new lenses. In fact, I went on and on about the difference a “slight” adjustment to a prescription makes.

Well, we were driving to a dental appointment, when I noticed two swans on somebody’s front lawn. Instantly my head went back to when we used to feed the ducks at a college pond, and how it would be great to have had bread in the car…. to get out and feed these two, beautiful swans. Anyhow, I was so excited, that I drove a little slower to show the children.

Me: Oh look! Did you see that?!

Kid: What?

Me: The two swans!

Kid: Really? You thought those were real?

Kid 2: What did she think was real?

Kid: (laughing) She actually thought those metal things were actually swans.

Kid 2: Yeah, it must be good to see so clear.

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mom of 3
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