Guess I Should Register

My dogs have been eating “human” grade dog food for the past several months. Often it looks like chicken salad with spinach and chickpeas- other times it looks like chopped liver with spinach and chickpeas. Sure, one could possibly feast on some of this wet kibble should the occasion arise- be it a kidnapping and all you had time to grab was the Farmer’s Dog food or if the world shut down again and you were in the mood for something other than canned fruit- the human grade food would suffice.

That being said- I only use plastic-ware to dish out the bowls for each of the canines. …And when I am finished with the utensil, it goes into the recycling.

This evening, right before my eyes, I watched as hubby went to dish out yet another bowl of food for the last pup…. using one of my spoons- my real spoons.

Needless to say, if something were to happen to hubby, you’ll all know why.

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