The End

Let’s think of all the things that come with ends…Bread- and let’s face it, those pieces are a waste and shouldn’t even be packaged in the bag. Potatoes- ever notice how if you’re making or eating chopped or sliced potatoes, the ends are always disposed of prior to baking? Essentially, any vegetable that gets eaten has at least one end that is gar-baj.

If you’ve ever been at a social gathering and you’re sitting on the end, you surely have some emotions that you can recall- some positive and some negative. For instance, if all the good people are at the other end… well, then you may feel left out. If you’re hubby, you’re thrilled to be on the end- mostly for an early departure from the event.

Unfortunately, for a family photo, I was on an end. Obviously, we don’t huddle in a circle and stick our heads back to avoid such positions, but today, it was my turn to be fat and left. That’s right, the most unflattering place for anyone with the following qualities: arms, ass, stomach or legs.

Now, before the false reassurances come my way, I’d see it in your photos too.

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mom of 3
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