Shawshit Redemption

This morning was a scene out of hell- for I found multiple piles of shit. Now, when something like this happens, I first have to determine, whose shit it is. For example, if it’s minute, than it’s our third dog; and conversely if it’s large. If it’s in between, then I know it’s the middle dog.

After I determined that our eldest dog had massive diarrhea everywhere, I searched for hubby. Now, before some of you say, “Rochelle, why didn’t you just clean it?” let me answer that. First….I did clean up the areas I knew he would never clean up nicely and second, his dog has decided to get herself her own brain dilemma and now makes any place and any time she wants.

So, two bitches in the house and only one who cares to keep it clean!

About Lady in Red

mom of 3
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