Three Strikes I’m Out

I can’t take it!! A year ago, I joined a group for people with the same mutation that I have- thinking it would be like a “sorority” for better or worse. A place where we could share recipes or talk about our kids and appointments.

The first time that I joined and hastily left the group, I “replied” to one-too-many comments, on a thread about a person who died.

Time passed and I felt I should try it again- afterall, both hubby and bubbie are on it and they seem to manage.

But, as luck would have it, I read one post and broke out into a sweat.

This evening, I thought… I’m a big girl- afterall, I stayed in the room listening to the shit storm that’s become my life… and started to read.

The first post was from my mother… talking about me. I noticed another mother commented about her son so I thought, here’s my chance! I’ll make a friend and we can talk. Sent a private message and kept on reading.

The second message, was about a woman who was diagnosed with the same stuff in 2013, and she’s still doing great! Awesome! I started to feel hope.

The last post- has me dead from heart failure in the near future- as the person who posted is on the same medicine as I am and apparently, heart failure is a thingy.

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