This Ain’t My First Time At The Rodeo

This morning, I went for my third PET Scan. I stress the word third, because I feel I would have somewhat of a general idea of how the test goes.

Nurse: Rochelle, come on back. We’re going to go to the second room on the left.

Me: (Follows)

Nurse: (Pointing to the patient chair) Have a seat right there.

Me: (Sits)

Nurse: So, what brings you here today?

Me: (*Please note: it’s only for PET Scans) I’m here for my 7 am manicure.

Nurse: Funny! Okay, well, I have a few questions. Do you have a port?

Me: No

Nurse: Do you have Diabetes?

Me: No- but I did fill these out online and a few weeks ago when I was here.

Nurse: Oh really? I didn’t see any forms, that’s funny. Well, I’m going to tell you what will happen…. you will…..

Needless to say, despite my agitation so early in the morning at the nurse, I was in no position- karmically speaking, to say anything other than, “hmf, okay, thank you.”

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