It’s Never Just One Thing

This morning, after I cleaned up the 15 lb replacement bag of flour (for the last bag that the other mouse ate), I called the plumber. According to them, I needed to call an exterminator- afterall, there was “no apparent” leak.

So the exterminator came, looked around outside, came inside and said he laid some traps. I asked him to look in the lower level since that is where the mouse was that was found… and he did.

While down there, he beckoned me to have a look at something else- apparently there was a growing puddle in the gym room.

Calling to Hubby, who was on a work call, I notified him of the leak in the gym. He told me to stop telling him things.

Back from the basement, the exterminator, came up with a broken trap. He could not believe the mouse was not getting caught. Upon hearing that, one of my kids who found the dead mouse, showed him with hands the approximate size.

As fast as the words were coming out of his mouth, did I see the hopes of hubby using the lower level as an office- gone. It was, indeed a rat.

Immediately, hubby came from his “work space,” mumbling I don’t need to work, I’m just home playing all day… I’m so sorry I got rid of my office…… and started following the exterminator towards the laundry room and to the garage.

Before he was out the door, I said…

Rochelle: We need to call the appliance guy.

Hubby: Why? You said there was a leak.

Rochelle: The leak is downstairs- we’ll need the plumber. Besides, the rat probably chewed the hose like the last time.

Hubby: We aren’t calling the appliance guy for the dishwasher- that’s under warranty.

Rochelle: The appliance guy is for the washing machine- it hasn’t worked for two days.

Hubby: (exits)

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