Don’t Add… Subtract!

I have spent much of my life accumulating crap. Whether it be tea cups, stamping stuff, wool, cookbooks, lladros, journals or candles- its essentially crap. Now, its not crap to me at the time… nor do I look upon it as waste of money items…. but necessary? hmmm

I have saved nearly every “first” anything of each of my children in their very own lifesize plastic tubs- including their very own photo albums, chronicling their lives. Additionally, I’ve stored baby rockers and play pens… dolls for their own children, rocking chairs, baby blankets, comforters, jackets, etc. etc. etc.

About a little more than a month ago, my mother and sister decided it was time that all the shit go. Piles were made, donations were given and soon my house was looking exciting and new.

In fact, I’ve even made my very own strides since their massive wipeout, throwing out things left and right. It is what my sister now calls, minimalist. It is easy to clean, it is easy to pack- should the need arise, and it is all around less cluttered.

So imagine my surprise when hubby decided to move his work office to a home one, and put 25 years of accumulated chachkas, atop my clean slate.

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mom of 3
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