Come Again?

Last night my family and I (upstairs), heard an unfamiliar noise coming from the kitchen. Like any good detective, I told hubby to go downstairs. And, like any good husband, he told me to. Now, I have an excuse- my legs stop working in the early evening and going down or up steps is too much of a process. Now his lazy ass….. just lazy.

So imagine our delight this morning, when one of our children went downstairs and found a trail of flour leading from the stove to the laundry room!

(Put a Pin in that)

…. A few days ago, the same child found a large mouse in the lower level – the same level hubby will no longer move his home office to and subsequently, he’ll be shitting up mine with files). Just dead. In the middle of the floor.

And I remember thinking, we had traps put downstairs awhile ago… when our dishwasher broke. Broke from a cousin who chewed the wire and the repaired wire, twice. Anyhow, I thought it was odd to have a dead mouse on the floor for no reason… and moved on.

(Put a Pin in that)

Yesterday our new dishwasher, had a “leak” error code; the water wasn’t draining. It just, motored out and stopped working…. like our other dishwasher we had to replace this one with.

(Pins out)

As I was sweeping up the mess, I realized the same exact trail that the last mouse made… and so now, we had to call the exterminator.

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