Red Light. Green Light.

Today both my mother and hubby came with me to meet with two doctors from a new cancer center. We arrived on time- had all of my paperwork and discs, and were ready to hear some good news- after we “checked in.”

As we got to the first table, they took our temperatures and asked if we had appointments. *Now, when we are at my standard health care facility, I know to tell my mother to just go to her own check in table and pretend she has her own appointment. I know many of you may be saying, Rochelle… lying to go to an appointment during Covid? And to that I would say…. I had to be diagnosed, picked at and scanned…. told my results… and drive home ALONE… I think I’m gonna choose the lie.

Anyhow, hubby goes to his own person, gets a green wrist band, and my mom, who said, “I’m with her,” gets a red one.

Next, I had to check in. What’s important to note is that hubby was roaming around the lobby- within earshot, and my mother was naturally, sitting with me.

Nurse: Do you have a living will or advanced directive?

Me: (looking at hubby and wondering if me filling out the forms means its finalized) ….

Hubby: Yes.

Me: Yes.

Nurse: For security reasons, what is your mother’s first name?

Me: (turns to mother) Ma, what’s your first name?

Nurse: (irritated) We need her first name now to set up security.

Me: Oh, Joann… sorry.

Nurse: Who would you like to be your emergency contact?

Me: (Thinking: would he even answer the phone for a number he doesn’t know???)

Hubby: (looking to see what I am going to say)

Nurse: (Giving me the, well??)

Me: Well you said it loud and he heard so… I guess my husband.

Nurse: We can go see the doctor’s now… but only one person can come.

Me: (always torn) What?

Mother: Oh, I always go with her- I must be on some list.

Hubby: You’re not on any list….

Me: Its because you don’t have the green bracelet!

Mother: What color do you have

Hubby: I have green….but I walked in alone!

….Anyhow, thankfully she was indeed allowed into the room!

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