Past Give A F*ck

Last year at this time, I thought I would join the Ros-1 Lung Cancer group- for support. I thought it would be more along the lines like…. “How is everyone managing carpools and cancer?” (and stuff like that….light). Rather, it was about the illness and those from the group who died. So…. I left.

Flash forward to about three weeks ago, or whenever it was that I found out this stuff is back, and I joined it again. Since I already felt I understood the lay of the land, I was ready to peruse. Unfortunately for me, the first post on the site was a woman who died that had Brain mets (I have that so clearly, we done).

Anyhow, I see this email about a zoom from the Ros-1 group, and again, I thought this would be a get to know you type of gathering, more of a support group in a way. Something like… “Oh Kim, you look nice today…. did you golf?”

The good news is I was on for 45 minutes- but in fairness, it was only because the information shared was over my head. The host presented slides on the explanation of the gene and then the different types of medication. At this point in the zoom, I was now focussed and looking around at the other participants to see if they acknowledged taking the mentioned drugs. …Well, I did also look and I was the youngest by at least 10 years.

In any case, the speaker was discussing the different TKI (pills) and how if you have taken two different ones already then the effect wears off should you think a third will work. That is the gist of the entire meeting….to me. I’m on my second TKI. Just saying.

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