I’ll Show You Crazy

The other day hubby was telling me how irrational and mean I’ve been to him and the children. In fact, he was telling the children that the medicine I am on (plus the steroid) “makes mommy crazy.” Now, I may be a little on edge when my teenagers don’t listen the first three times I ask them to do something… but in general, I’ve always been mean.

For example, I asked my eldest multiple times to come downstairs to dinner…. and the last time I called her down, I added a little rant on disrespect. To her credit, she is learning to advocate for herself in therapy and she thought she would share her feelings on my yelling. ….That, at that particular moment, didn’t sit well with me, but thankfully, hubby walked in to shoo the children away from mommy.

Another time, my mother called to ask me why and then if I canceled my oncologist appointment (that I had canceled previously… only so many times you can hear it spread) and I hadn’t. However, I knew she was thinking…. maybe she did and doesn’t remember. So I called hubby…. who was also on the phone with my mother… hmm and it turns out, he canceled a calendar reminder. …But I know there was that moment of doubt.

That’s crazy.

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