What Will Today Bring?

This morning I woke up and instantly knew my face was swollen. I could feel the mask-like facade over my Keto-Thin face and was not happy to see it in the mirror. My face is the epitome of someone on steroids- and I am 4 days shy of being off them entirely!

So, I called my husband to show him and naturally he didn’t see a thing. Not sure why I called him, when I had face upon my face back in December, he didn’t notice that either… Next, I called my mother who did see what I saw. I asked her to put out a post at her Ros-1 do gooders group and we both agreed I could just call the doctor Monday.

But the funny not funny thing is this: I used to wake up and none of this shit was in my realm of reality. Now, I don’t know if it will feel stiff when I start walking the first few hours I get up… or if I will be able to get back into my own bed (prior to this nonsense, I bought a 4″ thick mattress topper…. because the 3″ wasn’t good enough)!

And by the way, one of the group members did get back to my mother and apparently I was correct, it could be the steroid. …However, since she only has “the brain” thing in common…. I will call my doctor in the a.m. for confirmation re: steroids.

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