Today was a day spent cooking with some cleaning. I didn’t plan on doing either- but when hubby goes to BJs and Costco 24 hours apart, one does find themselves in a pickle. Literally- I have 7 lbs of mini cucumbers because, “in case you didn’t like the other brand.” So, I cooked and decided to prepare a splendid meal.

Meanwhile, my husband Jesus was busy building a newer, stronger Altar size frame to hang our Christmas lights. He spent the entire day outside, hammering, painting, sawing, cutting… not sure what he was doing, but what I do know is when I was finished cleaning up from dinner… he was doing this.

Exhibit A

Now, I am not a rocket scientist, nor am I supposed to be the one with the sharp mindset. In fact, the side effects that many have on the medicine I am taking would likely do stupid stuff like this. But if you ask me, this doesn’t seem like a good idea to do…. while I am under the climate.

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