Brighton Beach Memoirs

I recall this being a great movie- with many memorable lines and scenes. One scene that comes to mind is when the mother sends her son to the market for a little bit of butter one day, and a little bit the next. Her reasoning if I recall properly, is that if they should die, they don’t need extra butter.

Hubby went to two bulk stores this past weekend- had to get a few things. Now, typically he does not want to get texts from me saying, “don’t get this, don’t get that either,” but today he was going for 3 things: yogurt, dish detergent and sponges. If he was going to get a few more items- so be it, for I did say, “do not bring another snack into this house.”

Unfortunately, he felt the need to buy a 10 lb brick of Philadelphia Cream Cheese for our two princesses. That’s right, because they are “tired” of the whipped- the same whipped they have only inquired about for the past 8 months… whipped… Daddy can you get whipped…..?….. This whip…. not that whip….

Now, I am stuck trying to house this government ration of cheese, because hubby thought he could slice off thick slices of cream cheese to put in between their bagels.

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